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Harold Reed Northup, Jr., (Harold 14, Auguste 13, George 12, Benson 11, James 10, Nicholas 9, Rouse 8, Nicholas 7, Stephen 6, Stephen 5, Henry 4, Thomas 3, Thomas 2, Thomas 1).

Harold Reed Northup, Jr. was born October 28, 1938, Woodland, Washington, the son of Harold and Della Northup . He Married first to Agnes Hodecoff of Alaska. (d. 1980)
He married a second time to Norma Little.

Harold worked as a shingle sawyer in 1985 in Port Angeles. Agnes died in about 1980 as a result of a car accident.

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Harold Reed Northup, Jr. Family

Children of Harold Reed Northup, Jr. and Agnes Hodecoff

Lenora Northup
Teresa Northup
Christine Northup
John Northup d. May? 1990